VimConf 2019

November 03, 2019

VimConf is an international conference about Vim, the editor.

Tell us how do you love Vim, what do you want to achieve with Vim, what practical Vim plugins you want to introduce, or even crazy ones -- there's no technical limit what to share. Express your Vim knowledge, skill, research, experience, and love. That's what VimConf is for.

Successfully finished on 2019-11-03

VimConf 2019 Staff

CFP Closed -- Looking for VimConf 2019 speakers

We’re looking for speakers for VimConf 2019 on 2019-11-03!

VimConf this year’s main theme is “how to be more productive with Vim?” ― We’re collecting talks which help Vim users to “use Vim more productively,” especially those who would like to boost their productivities with Vim or who wonder how other Vimmers use Vim usages.

This, however, doesn’t mean we’re not collecting talks about Vim internals or creating Vim plugins. We’re looking forward to see one-and-only talks backed by deep experiences.

When reviewing VimConf 2017 and 2018, there were wonderful talks about creating useful Vim plugins and improving Vim itself.

We, the VimConf staff, discussed what VimConf 2019 should be like and we found we’d like to be closer to Vim users using Vim and being interested in diving deeper into Vim.

We had more discussion and finally decided this year’s main theme: “how to be more productive with Vim?”

We’re thrilled about what we’ll see in VimConf 2019.

VimConf is based on the speakers. Without CFP submissions, we cannot hold VimConf.

What you need to have when submitting a CFP is not a technical supremacy, but passion for Vim.

How about giving a talk in VimConf to tell other Vim users about your own Vim?


Here are the details of VimConf 2019 talk submission.

  • Form URL:
  • Deadline: 2019-08-05 23:59 (JST)
  • Number of submissions: Unlimited
  • Presentation time: Choose from 15 mins, 20 mins or 30 mins
    • we might ask you to talk more or less in order to fit within the schedule
    • time for Q&A is included, but it’s up to you to have it or not
  • Slides' language: English
  • Spoken language: Choose English or Japanese
    • VimConf staff can help you with English if you are not a native English speaker
  • For screening,
    • please pack any information the staff need to know about your proposal – It helps them
    • The cleaner the better, but again, not submitting is probably worse than submitting a immature one.
    • We have a screening meeting. FYI we had a six+ hour meeting last year, and we’re looking forward to seeing many proposals this year too
  • Would be helpful for you if you refer to past presentations via the links below
  • It’s not fix yet, but we’re considering to assist transportation expenses

We’re looking forward to seeing your submissions!

-- VimConf Preparatory Committee --

CFP for Lightning Talks

Besides them, we’ll have some 5 minutes lightening talks (LTs) for each session. It requires a VimConf ticket to submit a proposal for that, which is different to this CFP for the (main) speakers.

Form URL:

Details in japanese: vim-jp » VimConf 2019 のライトニングトークの募集を開始します