VimConf 2018

at Fujisoft Akiba Hall in Tokyo, Japan on Nov 24, 2018

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VimConf is a place to share your love of Vim to everyone

VimConf is an international Vim conference to share your passion about a text editor Vim.

Tell us how do you love Vim, what do you want to achieve with Vim, what practical Vim plugins you want to introduce, or even crazy ones -- there's no technical limit what to share.

Express your Vim knowledge, skill, research, experience, and love. That's what VimConf is for.

VimConf はあなたの Vim 愛を皆とシェアする場所

VimConf はテキストエディタ Vim に掛けるあなたの熱い思いを共有する為のカンファレンスです。

発表内容には技術的な制約はありません。あなたがどれだけ Vim が好きか、Vim でどんな事をしたいのか。便利なプラグインを紹介するのも良し。クレイジーなプラグインの紹介も良し。

あなたの Vim 愛を披露する場所が VimConf なのです。ぜひ VimConf に参加してあなたの Vim 愛をシェアして下さい。


Bram Moolenaar

The author of Vim

Bram Moolenaar is the creator and maintainer of Vim, a popular text editor. It comes installed with every Mac and Linux computer and is available for almost every computer system. After studying electronics and inventing parts of digital copying machines Bram decided that creating open source software was more useful and fun, so he worked on that exclusively for several years. He currently works for Google, one of the few companies that embrace open source software. In between he did volunteer work at a project in Uganda and is still helping poor children there through the ICCF foundation (

Yasuhiro Matsumoto

also known as mattn

A programmer that contributes to Vim, Go, and many other OSS(s). Has over 1,400 GitHub repositories. Many his patches were sent to vim-dev and adopted. He mainly focus solving issues on Windows related. Recently, he wrote a patch to support Windows for :terminal and job/channel. Maintainer of twitvim, emmet-vim, ctrlp-vim, previm, vital-vim, or many Vim plugins. In Japan, He write serial articles about Vim in monthly magazine.

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Tatsuhiro Ujihisa


Created this webpage. Created aomoriringo's profile avatar. Published some VimConf official blog posts. He has been using Vim for about 20 years.

Taro Muraoka

also known as KaoriYa

Legendally developer of Vim. Managed vimconf overall. He wrote many patches to fix Vim issues on Windows. ex: DirectX drawing. And he provide kaoriya-vim which is a patched version of Vim.



Famous creator of Vim plugins. Creator of vim-quickrun, vim-themis, etc. Meguro.vim organizer



A key player of staff of vimconf. He will be exciting vimconf as a staff this year too.



MC of vimconf 2017. He has been using Vim for about 6 years. The main vim activities are to custimize Vim, create plugin and send PRs to plugin.

Yasuhiro Matsumoto

also known as mattn

Maintained this web site. He has been using Vim for about 20 years.



Creator of vim-quickhl. He make Atom extension atom-vim-mode-plus that improve vim-mode.



Yokohama.vim organizer